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Who are we in Christ?

“Have you ever ask yourself that question, wondering why God called you into ministry, trying to figure out what type of ministry he desire for you to build? If you have, don’t worry, join the group. For wondering leads to asking and asking leads to following, and following leads to being a leader for Christ.”

We take people out of the isolation and build upon the vision of God to restore, reform, rebuild and unite them to the love and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It has always been the purpose and dream of New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry to be effective in ministry but also within the community and their surrounding so that others can truly know the love of God within their life. But God has also given use the education, spiritual, and motivational process within ourselves to move forward in helping others find the true path  of life, as well as become a part of a productive community within the kingdom of God, and to equip them with the wisdom  to know the amazing process in establishing a strong and creative relationship with God.

  New Life Christian Outreach Ministries, founded by our beloved brother in Christ Bishop Tony R. Smith in 1998 as New Life Christian Outreach Ministries, our faith basis concerns was to create a platform that will not only educate but also grant others the ability to build a strong and productive relationship with God. “Life-Line Prison Ministry” was the main project of the ministry when they first open up the doors, reaching out to those who was incarcerated, but wanted to have new of living, thinking, giving and loving. That prison project begin to grow to the point, many of prison system in IL, was concerning New Life C.O.M “Life-Line Prison Ministry” as one of the major resources and spiritual building project they can count on to help others change for the better. From the men  prison system to working with women within the women prison ministry, Life-Line Prison Ministry created a strong spiritual direction to ensure that each person who become a part of the ministry will see the value in life, the purpose of life, and the transformation within themselves.

2001 New Life C.O.M acquired the copyrights for ministries and became a non for profit christian organization in the state of IL. But that was only the beginning of what God was doing within the  ministry, for in 2003 N.L.C.O.M was established and voted as a christian basis ministry to train, equip, endorse, educate and elevate the minds and souls of saints.  As well as became a part and partial of the UACCCI program for prison chaplains, ministers, community advocates, and christian mentors. Working closely with Arch Bishop Wisor, our beloved Brother in Christ, Bishop  Smith was elected and given a position as Regional Bishop, and begin to not only serve the ministry, but prepared a strong connection within the community to help others.

2005 Bishop Smith attend and graduated from Liberty Christian University with B.A. Degree in Christian Counseling with emphasis in Pastoral Counseling. The purpose for the degree to bring forth a faith basis counseling program within the state of IL. and within the city of Peoria, IL and Chicago IL, working with different pastors, different churches and different christian organization to help others who are fighting some form of addictions, marriage issues, youth development problems etc. Bishop Smith vision to establish and make progress with this project was not far from his reach, but also knew that nothing can be created or workable with the love, mercy and wisdom of God in front.

To improve on the vision of New Life Christian Counseling project, Bishop Smith started hosting a radio show called “TRU” Transformation, Rebuild, Unite within steps mental, spiritual, emotional, educational and motivational stages in own life. The radio gain a log of followers, and became a  platform to also interview different professional people who builds and teaches the concept of counseling. In 2007, Bishop Smith team up with our Brother in Christ  Bishop Shae Waters, and started hosting “TRU” radio show on a internet faith base radio station called TVO1IRadio and Praize365 – Faith Radio. Which both station are a part of the Christian Broadcasting Network and Faith Bases Alliances for Radio Personality and Host. The radio show grow beyond any things they could have imagine, and the love of  God was shining bright within the concept of the radio show.

When asked Bishop SmithWhat is the  main source for what you are trying to achieve? “Well I guess you can say that without going through the things I experiences in my life, and knowing that it took the love and mercy of God to  change me, I could never over look or ignore the truth. I wasn’t a nice guy in the past, in fact I didn’t know or understand the true concept of Love, but when I said Yes to Christ, and allowed the Holy Spirit to work within me, I transformed from a person of evil to a man of wisdom. I knew that it was time to change and to give back to those who stood with me during my time of grit and pain.  If you haven’t walk the road of being tested, how can one have a testimony. To this day I truly know that God is the answer to all things, and I am very thankful that he didn’t turn his back upon me, but instead open up the flood gates of love and mercy to wash over me in order to clean my soul, body and mind. Truly it is without a doubt that I know “God is our Inspirational, Changing lives is our Passion”

My interview with Bishop Smith was amazing and very inspirational, and I obtain a lot of insight on the measurement of a new movement he is now putting together. Most people may not understand the concept, the spiritual insight and the collective empowerment in which they are building upon, and yet it is a program that will truly change a lot of lives: “Agents of Hope Movement – A.O.H ”. Everyone must be able to seek out the truth for themselves, they must travel the road of truth, and battle the army of lies, in order to see deep within yourself to find the answer to it all. I also like the facts, and meaning of –

“Stop blaming the devil for the things that you do, the devil has no real power, his only true power is to offer you things that look good, but it is up to you to deny it or accept it.”Quote: Bishop Smith

In this time and age, New Life Christian Outreach Ministry is a full, established, LLC and non for profit ministry that is currently training new saints, leaders, mentors and members to be very effective in the world today. To do more then just preach and teach, but be a example of what is to be Christ Like in all that you do. Be a light of Love, mercy and wisdom so that others can seek God, to be a purpose driven man / woman of God, so one day all those who believe in you, will continue to serve the kingdom of God, and mentor others to do the same.

To truly be a Leader of the Kingdom of God, one must truly know what it is to be a servant in the kingdom of God. You can’t obtain the joy without face the sadness. 2018 is a new beginning for the New Life C.O.M, for the vision, brotherhood, purpose driven, and christian counseling concept, Bishop Smith and Bishop Waters has team up and allow the spirit of God lead them to create a small but productive seminary christian school called “A.C.T.S” Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-Hood (Seminary), in order to equip, encourage, empower, educate, elevate and establish each individual who desire to not only be a servant of God, but be a concept of strength, love, understanding, wisdom and mercy within the community. 

If you desire to know about New Life C.O.M or A.C.T.S you can always visit their website at or email Senior Bishop Smith (Chairman of the Elders Council) or Presiding Bishop Waters (CO-Chairman of Elders Council).

I truly believe if you seek the truth, you shall truly receive the answer that will change your life for ever.

God Bless you all.

Editor and Chief of Christian News Portal.

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