We welcome you to our prayer ministry. A strong and faithful platform that has been blessed by the love of God and the duties of our Prayer Warriors Staff. We hope and pray that your prayers are being answered, and you allow the spirit of God change your life.



"**Prayer-Room Policies: In the mist of it all, one must know that God has total control. This world is only a image of what our Father above can create, and knowing that he has created all of us in his image, there is no doubt the plans he has for our lives. True Prayer is the essences of speaking with the Lord, it is a strong communication line that only our Father shall answer. “We ask that anyone and everyone take our prayer wall very serious, for each individual who are a part of the “Prayer Warriors Group”, continues to pray for others on a daily bases. In contrast to that, if we feel that someone is not truthful, honest, and misleading, we shall remove you from the prayer wall, and maybe even ban you from the site.**"