God's Chosen Few!

In a spiritual and creative effort to continue our mission in spreading the gospel and helping others build a personal relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. New Life C.O.M, A.C.T.S and its affiliates prayed very hard seeking out individuals with the wisdom, the compassion and the love to help others, but also have the heart to be effective in ministry as well as within their community be a part and partial of the staff.

Our staff members is a non paid staff, mixed with volunteers, ministers, and interns students from different colleges and seminaries to obtain the education that is needed in order to be effective and implant the goals of ministry within their vision. A spiritual committee is truly build upon the measurement, vision, purpose, trust, faith and teaching that God has granted unto us with the actions of a strong empowerment to establish a positive relationship between leadership, ministers, and members so that each church or ministry will be able to continue the platform of teaching, equipping, educating and endorsing true disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of life and God's people.

This committee will work with churches, ministries, outreach programs, christian organizations and individuals in order to fulfill legal , ethical, and spiritual responsibilities related to the ministry, members and community.


Bishop Dr. Tony R. Smith

Bishop Smith is the Founder and Chairman of the Elders Board for New Life C.O.M. He has been in ministry for over 20 years, and is a dedicated Pastoral Counselor for those who are overcoming Substance Abuse Addiction and Counselor for Life Coaching Skills. Bishop Smith is also a loving...

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Bishop Dr. Shae Waters

Bishop Waters is the CO-Founder for New Life C.O.M and the President of A.C.T.S. As a true man of God Bishop Waters use his wisdom, love and compassion to help others within his community as a part of the Police Department in Fruitland Maryland, in aspect of being a police...

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Senior Overseer Evangelist L. Pat Williams

Chief Overseer Evangelist Williams has been in ministry over 15 years, dedicating her love and passion of God to serve others. Chief Overseer Williams has over 15 years of experiences when it comes pastoral and christian counseling in helping those who are fighting the conditions of substance abuse.

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Bishop Jonathon Baker

Bishop Baker has been in church development and church planting for a very long time, he has been the creative and productive Senior Pastor for Silverlight Ministry which continues to work with the youth and children who are in conditions of illness or cancer within the hospital system. Bishop Bakers...

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Senior Pastor X. Estes

Overseer Senior Pastor Estes is a true man of God, with all the love, wisdom and understanding it is truly seen within his fellowship, his guidance and his mentoring others. Overseer Estes vision is to build a spiritual community that will not only love God, but be a platform that...

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Prophetess Maria Estes

Prophetess Estes, is one women of God that words can not explain enough with the gifts God has given unto her. With her true calling and the compassion for others, she continues to uplift the body of Christ each time she touches someone heart and soul. The lives she continues...

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Reverend Darren LaBrecque

Minister Reverend Darren LaBrecque is a dedicated man of God, striving to help other leadership understand the very essences of compassion and being able to spread the gospel through conditions of mental awareness. It is important to see that everyone needs the love of God, but not everyone knows how...

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