Become a Minister, Christian Leader, Evangelist etc. One must truly hear the calling of God upon their life.

New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We believe in making a positive difference in the world. 

Are you called to serve in NLCOM / ACTS by:

- Helping people discover and live their purpose and potential through a greater awareness of God?

- Inspiring others through your positive example of prayer and leadership?

- Providing practical teachings to help people live healthy prosperous lives?

- Leading communities of like-minded people on this positive path for spiritual living? 


If your answer to these questions is yes, we invite you to further explore becoming a credentialed NLCOM leader through the NLCOM ordination license, and Commission path.


The NLCOM Fellowship ordains pastors, license ministers, and commission layworkers to serve the spiritual needs of our religiously and culturally diverse world. Our  Ministers serve in a variety of traditional and emerging ministerial contexts. From Pastoral to Outreach Ministries, Prison Ministry as well as  hospitals and hospices to co-chaplaincy and sports chaplaincy, they are equipped to meet the needs of people from different faith perspectives, which enables them to serve effectively in a wide array of contexts.


The NLCOM Community supports the unique call to ministry of people from varied backgrounds and beliefs, providing them with the education, community, and formation they need to thrive as ordained ministers.  Ordained ministers promote spiritual connection, support groups, christian counseling within diverse communities as they respect the religions of the world and the chosen spiritual paths of individuals.

 Let God lead you on the right path, as you become a strong minister within your community.


The answer may be found in the acronym A.C.T.S.

A – Affirming Ministers and their Calling.

The New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry / Alliances of Christian Training & Servanthood desires to affirm our ministers! One of the ways that we can do that is by helping you identify and clarify your calling! What is your ministry calling—youth, music, church planting, pastoring, etc.? It is important to us to help you navigate through the exploration of your calling.

​C – Connecting Ministers with Similar Beliefs and Values.

The New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry / Alliances of Christian Training & Servanthood desires to connect our ministers together through meaningful relationships. In our current church culture, there is a growing phenomenon known as the “casual credential holder.” The “casual credential holder” is one who desires a credential but doesn’t really desire to be a part of a church family or church organization. We believe that true realized potential can only come through mentoring and coaching.

T – Training Ministers to do the Work of the Ministry.

The New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry / Alliances of Christian Training & Servanthood desires to equip and train our ministers to do the work of the Ministry! Through our credential process, you will be afforded a balanced approach to ministry training through personal study, classroom study, and continuing study.

S – Sending Ministers to a place of Fruitfulness.

The New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry / Alliances of Christian Training & Servanthood desires to send and commission our ministers to a place of fruitfulness! One way that we can help with this is by providing a network of available ministry opportunities. In the Pentecostal Church of God, we desire to open up opportunites of service.


​To receive minister's credentials with the New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry / Alliances of Christian Training & Servanthood, the following three-step process must be completed.


The Minister's Credentials are provided in three levels--Commission, License, and Ordination. Below are the requirements for the Minister's study Series in each level, which must be completed before application may be made for that specific level.



Christian Biblical Study Teacher

Music Ministry

Children Ministry

Men or Women Ministry



​Minister/Mentor/Biblical Teacher

Support Group Mentor

Evangelist/Community Ministry

Youth Ministry

Adult Ministry






Specialty Module: Christian Counselor for Substance Abuse Treatment, Marriage Counselor


Complete an Application with the appropriate supplemental forms and send it to the appropriate district or state office. The application differs depending on your circumstances. New applicants must complete the Application for Minister's Credentials. Previous applicants must complete the Application for Reinstatement. Current Applicants desiring promotion must complete the Application for Promotion. The following forms may be downloaded at the bottom of this page and must be included with your application:


* Credential Fee for Ordination - $125.00 First Year -- 90.00 for Renewal Each Year

* Credential Fee for License/Commission - $100.00 First Year -- $75.00 for Renewal Each Year

These processing fees are required to begin the credentialing process and must be sent in the form Paypal with the application and supplemental forms. All checks or Money Orders must be made out to the New Life C.O.M Main office: 1405 N.E. Perry Ave. Peoria IL. 61603.

"If for some reason the application is denied, $60.00 will be refunded to the applicant and $75.00 will be retained by the NLCOM/ACTS for a processing fee for Ordination and For License $30.00 will be refunded and $70.00 will be retained by NLCOM/ACTS for processing fee."

Ordination App.

License App.

Commission App.

Ministry Renewal