The elders of New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry (NLCOM), as well as in association of Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-Hood (ACTS), Alliances for Christian Leadership & Pastoral Counseling  Inc. (ACLPC) and Praize365 - Faith Radio have a deep sense of responsibility for the oversight of the ministry and those who are a part and partial of the body of Christ, and the shepherding of its members. It is very important that  our Elders have wisdom and compassion to continue the build upon the vision and platform that was grant by our Lord, in order to have ultimate responsibility for managing the affairs of the church/ministry.

"While the staff directs the various ministries of the church, the elders provide the overarching protection of the body."

Meet Our Elders

Leadership Aspect

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As a member of New Life C.O.M - Elders Council it is my duties and inspiration to strive, to motivate, to instill a Christian world view of work ethics in a structured work environment setting for our Christian Leadership, Ministers, Members and Fellowship which will allow them to provide for themselves and their families as true servants of God.

Our Elders Council is builds upon the inward transformation of our Alliances for Christian Leadership and A.C.T.S. Ministerial Training  program by  stressing:

  • 1- Teamwork – working together as team
  • 2- Accountability – providing a measure of work progress
  • 3- Integrity – instilling a Christian sense of purpose in work
  • 4- Motivation – fostering a habit of job longevity
  • 5- Inspirational - Always share a deep sense of God love
  • 6- Counseling - provide a strong sense of pastoral counseling "Listen - Learn - Lead"


It is our duties and interested to ensure that our goals and vision for New Life C.O.M platform and it is leadership is ensuring the following:

  • 1- The ministry operations which processes spiritual information, training, mentoring and community development in order to help others transform for a better life.
  • 2- The ministry strives to be a means of deep motivation for all those who are a part and partial of the ministry in one or another from: Christian Leadership to volunteer staff, from community advocacy to support groups.
  • 3- The ministry’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial measurement is bases upon evangelism and community involvement.
  • 4- The ministries platform & actions is be Christ -Like in all that we do as men and women of the Kingdom of God.


Elders Council Ethics:

1) Our ministry and affiliates must be open and transparent to all, including those being reached.

2) Our inspiration must exhibit a genuine love and respect for individuals and their cultures.

3) Our Focus must be grounded in the command to "love God" and to "love your neighbor"

4) Our values and purpose should not be bases upon ends do not justify unscrupulous means.

5) Our Calling should not be false, for Christians cannot misrepresent or mislead others into the Kingdom of God. Neither can we buy the attention of non-Christians through attendance incentives.

6) Our ethical principle and platform must be modeled on the Truth, Love and Faith -  actions of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

7) Our theology of the ministry platform should always be: God must be the light of our purpose, practice and presence to those who do not know the good news of God.

8) Our actions should be Christ-Like: Characterized by love, self-giving, incarnation, sacrifice, humility, patience, winsomeness and hospitality.

9) Our measurement in leadership are assailed monthly meeting with the news concerning our development, network, and fellowship. And the inspiration that is need to continue our vision and goals within ministry.

10) Our motive should not be based upon numbers, weakness or strengths, but acknowledge that our trust should always be in God, and we must always trust in him so we can always know the path which he has given unto us.