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 Welcome to NEW LIFE C.O.M  – “Faith Connector News Portal” or “FC News”. Faith Connector News Portal is a collective information concerning our faith, spiritual development, seminary information, outreach ministry information, Christian organizations, progress, purpose, biblical teaching and more. We strive to grant each member the opportunity to share what is taken place within your life and within your community. Our platform for accepting articles and information development is very simple. But also please be advised it is not a promised that your article will be accepted and posted within our Christian News Portal.

We receive many articles on a daily and weekly bases, and we try our best to post as many as we can, but please understand that we are truly a spiritual and Faith Bases Christian organizations and some articles are not deemed to label as faith, wisdom, Christian or godly in any form or fashion. In knowing that some articles may slip by that is truly misleading, falsehood, confusion and racism, and if that happens we are truly sorry, but will make all effort to fix the issue at hand. If you truly want your article to be placed upon our site and within our news article portal, make sure it is based upon the love, teaching, equipping, God given, faith calling, servant-hood method of being Christ Like in all that you do.

Thank You and God Bless.

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