National Alliances for Christian Leadership (NACL) exists to assure the quality and assist in the improvement of the Christian institution, outreach ministry, churches, and inspirational community programs that has been accepted and achieved their accreditation certifications, while continuing their true purpose and vision well they are obtaining strong Biblical distinctive, organizational witness platform, credibility of performance and integrity.

We are governed by a Board of Elders Council Committee (E.C.C.) with a strong background of spiritual encouragement, training, ministering, pastoral counseling, community involvement and ethical standards. Each ministry, church, outreach programs and even individuals with receive a set accreditation standards, monitor compliance, and award accreditation certificates once they have completed their training. Our Accreditation certificates are awarded only upon recommendation by the Board of Elders Council after a complete interview, and their concept of what God has placed within their hearts to be a true servant of the Lord.

It is important to know that we truly take our accreditation's process very seriously and high purpose, so  one may know that they are working with a true inspirational being of Christ Like movement, praise, prayer and power of the Holy Ghost.

Each applicant will be sign a mentor or representatives to help build, maintain, and promote the kingdom of God while walking a path of righteousness. There no exceptions to this rule and one must truly agree to the method of training and development in order to move forward in their vision and goal to obtain ministerial accreditation charter from N.A.C.L Movement. All recommendations past on to our Chief Executive/Senior Bishop of Elders Council Committee for any or all final decision and progress.

Leadership Development & Mentoring Program -

"Jesus modeled the heart of a true servant leader by investing most of His ministry time training and equipping the disciples for leadership” 
"The authority by which the Christian leader leads is not power but love, not force but example, not coercion but reasoned persuasion. Leaders have power, but power is safe only in the hands of those who humble themselves to serve."   – Bishop J. Scott

Christian Leadership Development & Mentoring Program is a product of National Alliances for Christian Leadership Movement.

From the National Alliances for Christian Leadership movement, Senior Elder Bishop Smith discusses thoughts about how communication is learned and why it is so important for all christian leaders, ministers, and directors should truly develop a strong communication skills.

-- Have you ever known a person who knew the Bible “inside-out”, but as soon as they began to share their “insights” people stopped listening?

-- Have you ever known someone who had great ideas, but people simply would not follow them? 

-- Have you ever known a person who had a genuine calling of God on their life, but for some reason they just never had an opportunity to use their calling in a local church?

-- Do you know someone who has the calling of Apostle, Prophets, Preacher, Teacher and Evangelist on their life, but some why can't get anyone to trained them or even accept their calling without some type of paper work first?

-- Do you someone who is truly about the will of God, the love for the people, and a strong commitment to serve, but the church and fellowship is not growing?

The Good News is - all that can change for the better. How?

If they do, the whole world will change for them!  They will begin to experience new relationships and opportunities that they have never before known. There is no trick or some high platform or amazing magic type teaching. What is truly needed is for them to stop trying to change others and begin focusing and changing themselves.  The true concept of it all is we suspect that many would gladly take this step if they only knew how.  You don't have to wonder any more, N.A.C.L Movement is  a collective platform of Christian Leaders & Ministers who offer their knowledge and services free of charge to those who truly desire and is willing to accept the teaching that is and continue to be Christ Like Model, and understand that one must be a commitment follower in order to be a strong and productive leader in the body of Christ.

Our program is a biblical concept that ensures not only teaching, but also applying leadership mentoring and communication that will grant those who are a part of the program to be more effective in many ways.

Philosophy of this Program

1. There are more ministers in the marketplace than behind pulpits.  Even the majority of pastors in America are bi-vocational –working another job outside of the church.  This is quite a Biblical approach to ministry for Jesus’ ministry was primarily in public and at the market.  The Apostle Paul also worked a second job as a tent-maker.

2. Irrespective of one’s specific call to ministry, every minister needs to be able to communicate with, and lead people in an effective way –otherwise their efforts are fruitless.

Our true stage and action must be:

We believe that by offering this training we can develop believers into more effective people in ministry as well as within the community; thereby, positioning them for success in whatever that they do for Christ.

What You Will Gain

  • Influence with people
  • A greater understanding of yourself and others
  • Advanced communication abilities from Biblical principals
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Leadership behaviors, strategies, and approaches
  • More Benefits Offered as “Optional”
  • Professional planning and development
  • Résumé construction
  • Internship
  • Personal reference

And most of all a very strong network and fellowship with others who is about doing the work of the Kingdom.

N.A.C.L Standards

The National Alliances for Christian Leadership Movement is truly a is a professional, non for profit Christian organizations for the purpose of equip, encourage, empower, educate elevate and endorse all who come forth to become a well develop leader within the body of Christ as well as within their community. Our  philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for inspirational, motivational, educational and Christ Like platform in which is obtained non-traditional Evangelical and Apostolic platform.

This accountability is demonstrated by institutions, churches, outreach ministry, and individuals that are a part and partial with NACL accredited by Elders Council Committee, having documented evidence of compliance with N.A.C.L standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, and community involvement or advocacy progress.

N.A.C.L Movement:

1. To provide a mechanism whereby Evangelical and Apostolic platform for equipping, educating and elevating within the ministry and community by demonstrate that they meet at high standards of performance.

2. To provide consultation services that enable each church, christian organizations, outreach ministry and/or individual to meet accepted standards of performance.

3. To provide community networking, faith base connections, spiritual foundations, leadership development and direct line of communication to maintain their certifications as one who have obtain their accreditation.

4. To provide a centralized information and referral source for issues that concern building and maintaining their purpose as a church body, outreach program, christian organization etc. accredited by the platform and leadership of N.A.C.L.

5. To disseminate information and concerns about non-traditional and inspirational development options within the community.

6. To promote inspirational, educational, motivational, empowerment, and community advocacy with the concept of excellence and accountability.

If you desire to know more about N.A.C.L and become a part of the growing leadership program, you can email: or


One must learn how to be a good follower, in order to become a Great Leader.