What is a Charter?

A church or ministry charter is simply a recognition of one spiritual body by another spiritual body.  In essence, a charter is to a ministry like ordination is to a minister.  In other words a charter is the ordination of a ministry.  It is the recognition that there is a spiritual need that the recognized ministry provides for humanity.  The charter says to the public that another group of believers validates the existence of your ministry.

What does a charter have to do with the IRS?

The short answer is: nothing. However, there have been reports from government agencies requesting the validation of a ministry or church by another body of believers.  In such a case, a charter offers a necessary prerequisite to filing papers with those agencies.

There are many online and offline organizations that offer ordinations and ministry charters. Most of those ordinations and charters, although probably legal, are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Here is the reality of it all that most Christians and others DO NOT KNOW, virtually any legal aged unencumbered citizen in the United States of America now days can form a non-profit religious corporation and legally ordain people and issue legal ministry or church charters. Although legal by virtue of the formed corporation and their state of residence, that does not mean those ordinations and charters are morally and Spiritually credible and proper. Father God through our Lord Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit set up the requirements for ordinations and ministry charters in His Holy Bible. We intend to follow those guidelines as best we can so your ordination or ministry charter will have credibility according to the Word of God.

Knowing and understanding this, we have decided to let God, do the calling, while we do the serving, training, and connecting under the Full Gospel & Apostolic ministerial covering as well as ministry and outreach charters under the independent status. To those who may feel they are either already qualified or may feel they have become qualified through ministry to bear such honors as a commission, license or  ordained ministers.

God has allowed us New Life C.O.M and Christian Affiliates to set up a platform and training seminary program for ministerial coverage, as well as ministry or outreach program spiritual coverage with truth, faith, love, and wisdom in order words all that we are doing is only by the teaching of The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. In contrast what others may try to do, isn't what we are called to do, for it is important to know you are dealing with a real, spiritual, motivational, Christian network and organizations with full gospel and apostolic concept, credibility, honesty, and spiritual calling. Along with our ministerial platform which is called: "A.C.T.S" we developed a secure system that allows us to do all the checks and balances in order to provide you with a strong and spiritual credibility within ministry and/or becoming a man or woman of God under the title of Pastor, Rev. Minister etc.

We take joy in knowing and understanding the spiritual gifts God has grant us as a ministry, and it is very important that you realize it is not about us, but about you to succeed in the Ministry with honors. No dishonor should ever be brought to the Body of Christ or Christ Jesus by anyone, ever. 

Below is listed our basic requirements for ministry charters.  All requirements must be met before we will issue an outreach program or ministry charter to anyone. 

We must all give account for ourselves; therefore, all persons chartering a new ministry or church through this ministry must apply application, register as a member of the site, be grant a interview, is or have been in Pastoral leadership or Christian leadership more then 1 year, pay the donation fee for charter ministry certifications. Thereafter you will be starting your charter ministry training course and obtaining resources, information and mentoring from our ministry. The chartered ministry or church charter will host a Sunday Service,(Church Special Event) within 60 days of being consider a charter church, ministry or Christian organization in which one or more leaders of the New Life C.O.M come forth and be a guest speaker, host the program of Charter Certifications, as well as granting said Pastor or Ministers the appointed title of Overseer for the church/ministry/organization in which  city, and/or state they are within.  This is a simple process of charter department and being a productive part of the Kingdom of God, and a spiritual connection within the community.

Charters applications that are not finished process or received payment for certifications, will be placed on hold for time period of 30 days inactive list, after the 30 days of inactive list, the recipient and/or ministry requesting a charter will have no connection, rights or being certified as a Charter church, ministry or Christian organization legally under the New Life C.O.M and/or its affiliates.

Charters that has been label not in good standing can be reinstated after six week leadership course and spiritual network. And reinstatement fee of $80.00, including a physical visitation to said church or ministry others the ministry, church or outreach program must start over and refill charter application and processing in order for said ministry to be held accountable and is acknowledge as a charter ministry, church, or outreach program in association of New Life C.O.M. Unfortunately we have to have it this way or a similar process in order for any and all churches, ministries and/or Christian organization to be held in good standing and accountable.  Note: After 120 days of noncompliance, a charter will be considered null and void throughout this ministry and its affiliates. It can only be rechartered by the vote and discussion making of the Elders Councils.


All those submitting a application for Church/Ministry Charters must complete a full application, submit to a phone or conferences call interview as well as a submit a bio, concerning my vision, goals, and calling of being a servant of God.

 This requirement may not be waved for it is part of the evidence of prior Biblical training and/or experience both from collegiate or on the job style training  via the Holy Spirit and/or Gospel apprenticeship style training upon approval of New Life C.O.M and National Alliances of Christian Leadership - Church & Ministry Spiritual Coverage Credentials Board consisting of: Senior Bishop/ Chairman of Council - Bishop T. Smith, Presiding Bishop / Elder of Council Board -  Bishop Shae Waters, Chief Overseer / Elder of Council Board - Evangelist L. Pat Williams, and Regional Bishop / Elder of Council Board -  Bishop John Baker.

Every Church, Ministry, or Christian Organization Charter candidate must agree to the following:

1. I am a member of this site and have a full ordination through and within this ministry.

2.I am a truly Born Again Committed Christian and I am willing to endorse that fact.

3.I will write and submit a brief one to three page testimony about my conversion experience to Jesus Christ.  I will include such things as a date, time, what happened, how it happened, etc. if remembered. We are interested in you and your calling and ministry. Being concise and truthful is a must. Do not write a book.

4.  I will be willing to make a re-commitment in announcing and acknowledging that Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

5.  I Covenant to abide by the rules of marriage set up by God in the Bible which states that a marriage is between a man and at woman.

7.  I Covenant to never be involved in homosexuality, pornography, immorality, bestiality, or child molestation of any kind.

8. I agree with the New Life C.O.M Christian Statement of Faith and Full Gospel Doctrine.

A. I agree with Full Gospel & Apostolic Fellowship.

B. I agree with the ministry Declaration of Faith as it is  the sound and spiritual concept Full Gospel & Apostolic Doctrine.

9. I Covenant to keep Christian standards at all times in my public or private life.

10. I Covenant to try to become and remain a true Christian father, mother, husband, wife, son, or daughter while exhibiting all the characteristics of such in fully Christian concepts.

11. I covenant to be nice, humble, peaceful, understanding, gentle, and loving in my dealings with all members of my family, my co-workers, my community, my peers, and within myself.

12. I Covenant to not use recreational drugs of any type including marijuana, legal or not. Truly used for the purposes of extreme pain and major discomfort with a real doctor’s prescription, marijuana is considered as not a recreational drug, but as a realistic legitimate doctor prescribed alternative to prescribed harmful drugs or approved harmful medical medicine. We do not approve of nor condone recreational marijuana use of any type or smoking and feel it is sin.

13. I Covenant to try to transform, rebuild and establish a healthy living, a sound mind, compassioned heart, and spiritual soul. For its my goal to be Christ Like in all that I do.

14.  I Covenant to not drink alcoholic beverages out in the open in public, nor in bars, clubs, parks, or etc. where people might view me and my testimony in Christ be ruined or marred and the cause of Christ be placed in jeopardy. We understand the Scriptures in Romans does declare we are not to drink wine wherein is excess.  Excess means excess, not abstinence!  Do not change the Word of God unlearned ignorant people! We feel the Greek and Hebrew seem to back that premise up also.

A. Wine in the Bible is wine with alcohol in it not grape juice, good grief Charley, no matter what any other ministry or minister might in so called good mislead faith might say. We therefore agree that drinking some wine or even a beer once in a while in relative privacy will not jeopardize ones commitment to Christ and send one to hell.

B. Moderation and wisdom is the key; however, we feel it is best and most scriptural to just not be involved at all. There are many levels of commitments such as the Nasserite or others. My commitment or yours is as good if based upon the Word of God and fully relates to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through His shed Blood on Calvary.

C. Simple I think. It boils down to, what do you do with Jesus. If you get that wrong, nothing is right and you are not borne again and are headed to eternal hell and punishment.  A sip of wine as indicated in the Bible, not to excess, will not in our opinion send one to hell, but rejection of Jesus will.

15. I covenant that my endeavor is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and Messiah in truth and humility in accordance to His Word, the Holy Bible. I truly agree and in full understanding myself  to be in agreement with the statement of faith, ministerial policies, charter ministry policies and documentations. I further covenant that If I should fail in my covenant, I will seek help from the leadership of New Life C.O.M and its affiliates without fear of reprisal.

16. I will email my 2 to 3 page Testimony:

17. I will be truthful in my written words of opening the doors of my soul to Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Keep this short and sweet but to the point of doctrine that it needs to be Scriptural. Yes, because an charter is special and important spiritually as well as practically, this is not a test. It must be required as we do not know you and therefore cannot view your Christian walk. We have to trust you at your word. Please do not be upset, just be humble and provide us with the needed information we must require. We do actually desire to charter your ministry and even train your ministers.

As I envision it through this written documentation, One must feel that God has called him/her to start the following Charter (Name of your Ministry)  Further, here by all reasons why and the true purpose of seeking a charter for my ministry.  There all information will be present within my documentation I have completed and sent in.

One must truly "DECLARE HE or SHE is at the AGE 20 OR MORE. Our rules are that all Fully Ordained persons seeking a charter for his/her Ministry/Church/ and/or Christian Organizations initiators must be over the age of 18 years of age or more.

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