What is Ordination?

 In general as well as Biblical terms, the word "ordain" comes from the Greek word "diatassō" which means to "appoint".

In general as well as Biblical terms the word "minister" comes from the Greek word "diakoneō" which means to be a servant (in the strictest since it means to wait upon tables).

When the two words are combined, "ordained minister" - we get the definition "to appoint one to serve, or appointed servant".

Why is this important? For two reasons:

1) Because Jesus said: "he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he who shall humble himself shall be exalted" (Mat 23:11-12 MKJV). 

The ministers of our God is a servant and they should lead by serving, even as our Lord did when he washed His disciple’s feet.

2) There are some who dispute over the qualifications of pastors, leaders in the body of Christ, such as if women should be allowed to be pastors.  We want only to briefly address this concern. Who would have any objections to men or women being "appointed" as Christian "servants"?  No reasonable person would.  To do so is to deny that God wants all genders to serve Him.

For this reason we conclude that it is up to the independent churches/ministries to decide what their requirements are for serving them.  It is not the position of the New Life Christian Outreach Ministry to appoint women or men as pastors, deacons, etc.  It is our purpose to recognize ministers (appointed servants) so that they may legally pursue the convictions that God has placed on their hearts.

This takes us to the next point...

                 "It is God who ordains those whom he has called serve or minister."

Technically speaking, only God can ordain ministers.  It is He who calls, and it is His Spirit that appoints spiritual gifts to whom He wills.  For this reason, we make no claim to ordain people, but rather in granting ordination we recognize the call to Christian service that God has already placed on someone's life.

Here you will find our book of information as well as duties of all positions within ministries, license application, commission application, ordination application and terms of agreement.  Each level of minister endorsement are different, and each one has its own duties to function within ministry.

We ask that you truly take your time, and read the information, for this will allow you to know and understand the calling God has placed upon your life, deep within your heart, and inspiring motive to be a servant in the kingdom of God.

Now It is also very important to see the different Qualifications for Minister: 1) Commission Minsters, 2) License Ministers, and 3) Ordain Ministers.

Each one are different, but the main objective are still the same when it present the measurement of being a man/woman of God, with the actions of servant-hood upon their hearts and soul. Those measurements are truly a part of who you are in Christ.

Requirements to be recognized as a Licenses/Ordained/Commission Minister.

1) The candidate must be accepted into membership with our organization (which requires clear statements of personal ministry goals, vision, mission statements, and agreement with our values in ministry).

2) The candidate must make a firm confession of the Full Body of Christian faith.  This is defined as confessing agreement with every point in our statement of faith.

3) The candidate must pass a theological evaluation by an Elder serving within our organization.  This is a part of the application process which may be conducted by email, phone call, or in person.

4) The candidate must use their testimony to demonstrate a call to ministry through the application process.

5) The candidate must confirm that they are free from sexual sin.

6) The candidate must confirm that they are truly about the love of God, Mercy of God and Being a Servant of God outside the church/ministry walls.

7) The candidate must agree that to be loyal to the ministry and to the kingdom of God, and that they will never officiate a same sex marriage with the privileges of their ordination.

8) The candidate must pass deep internet and public background checks.

9) The candidate must be free from illegal drug use for not less than one year at the time of application.

10) The candidate must pass a personal references check and ministry encouragement check. (Personal Letter from Pastor, Bishop or Christian Leadership).

Ordination App.

License App.

Commission App.

Renewal App.

Our Mission: To birth and develop healthy, reproducing churches, ministries and christian organizations by resourcing our Christian Leaders, Ministers, Mentors, and Christian Counselor.

We Are Acting on the Call of Jesus…

“Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: ‘God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.'” (Matthew 28:18-20, The Message).

“We are aware of the need for outreach ministries, christian organizations and churches in different communities that would not only speak on the issues of transformation, uplifting, and development, but be a strong spiritual and productive member of the community, and have the compassion not only serve but connect with one another so change may come about.

It has been seen in many communities, that there are different religions, churches and fellowship that have no meaningful relationship because of the fear of concept of being different. Our ministers, Christian leaders, mentors, and counselors strive in many ways to bring forth a Christ Like harvest that will surround the community with love, faith, truth, wisdom, and mercy.

We Are Committed To:

1) Recruit, Transform, Unite all God's people who are called to develop and maintain a spiritual outcome.

2) Assess all church leaders from Bishop to pastors in order help them learn how they can effectively serve the Lord as well as their community.

3) Training new ministers to achieve the goal of servant-hood and network the Holy Spirit so others may also see the goodness of the Lord.

4) Spiritual Development, Life Coaching Skills training, Ministerial Training and Certifications, Pastoral Counseling, and Gifts of the Spirit Development.

5) Develop the Christ Like Movement in order to share, equip, encourage, empower, educate and elevate the minds and souls of all saints within the kingdom of God.

It is also important to know that New Life C.O.M and ACTS ministerial duties of our ministers, come in all forms, and yet they are all functions of God's kingdom and Love. One can not live without the other. It is impossible to be a servant at heart, without understanding the nature of being a follower in Christ, Serving in love, Development of strong faith and Compassion of the heart with inner spirit of mercy.

To be Christ Like is to be a loving, spiritual, wisdom and compassion person who desire is to serve not to be served.

The duties of all our ordained and/or license ministers as well as our ACTS Instructors varies, not by denomination and church, but by the gifts and wisdom God has bestowed upon them, allowing the true light of Christ shine bright as they serve those who are lost, confused, scared, hungry, mental unawareness, addicted to drugs, and are incarcerated in prison.


The Commissioned Minister/ LayWorker endorsement is for those who have some biblical and theological education or training, who are being mentor and encouraged to serve a church, ministry or in evangelism, outreach ministries or community service organizations under recognized ministry leadership or mentoring.


  • Meet the general requirements for general membership.
  • Be recommended for commission licensing by your pastor or another pastor of an established congregation.
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of biblical and theological proficiency.
  • Be recommended for commission licensing by your peers in Christian ministry.
  • Other criteria as determined by the Credentials Committee.

The qualifications of a License minister must first include a divine calling (Acts 13:2). Someone once said that there are two kinds of people who enter the ministry: Persons called by God or fools. The meaning of this is, due to the many adversities faced in ministry, it is a great mistake to become a minister, especially a pastor, unless you have received a specific call from God. No amount of education from a Bible college or seminary can ever compensate for its absence. 

1) Those who answer the call to become ministers, should be mature, Spirit-filled Christians who possess an intense love for Christ and their fellow man. 

2) They should show signs of the appropriate gifting in their inclined field of ministry, and seek to enhance these through applied study and training — by attending a Bible college or seminary if possible. But more than preaching ability or other gifts, a minister of the Gospel must be a person of exceptional character, endowed with spiritual fruit, devoted to prayer and the study of God's Word.

3) A minister must have a sound mind and common sense. He should possess wisdom and tact in dealing with people, and be able to communicate clearly and authoritatively. He must understand how people live, work and struggle, and be able to be emphatic and compassionate to their concerns. His own financial affairs should be in good order, and he should have a strong understanding of the business aspects of a ministry or church.

4) A minister must be an impartial person, who will care for all the sheep of the flock equally. He must have a love for the souls of people, and a longing to lead them to a personal relationship with Christ — to contribute to their spiritual growth and development. One of the minister's greatest characteristics must be "patience," as people are very difficult to deal with, and only someone endowed with an unusual measure of patience can tolerate the ordeals of humanity.

5) Duties of a License Ministers for a ministry or church included but no limited to:

           A) The primary function of an license minister is to assistant  and/or associate minister is to help the Senior pastor lead the church and/or ministry. Depending on the church, he may have regular tasks assigned to him/her. He/She may serve in whatever position is needed to fill within the church. An license minister can only be an assistant pastor or associate minister, for he/she is still in training, allowing the time to obtain varies of studies, wisdom, encouragement, spiritual direction, and the calling of the Holy Ghost in order to know his/her gifts in ministry. It is important to know your calling, and listen to the voice of God so one can truly understand and fully know the value of becoming a ordained minister in his/her own right.

        B)  A License minister serves as a second preacher for the church and/or CO-Site Director for a Christian Organization, offering services when the Senior Pastor or head minister is away and filling in as a pastor for other churches in the denominational association. Working with the Senior Pastor or head minister to develop sermons and prepare the order of service each week with other staff members, such as the music minister, are two of his/her main duties.

        C) The license minister may have the responsibility of contacting church members, networking outside the ministry setting, building a strong platform of fellowship, working within prison ministry, youth ministry, support group ministry and/or hospital ministry (Chaplaincy Department) and providing follow-up counseling or care for those who are in need. In an outreach role, the license minister makes new ministry and/or church members feel welcome, establishing a supervises teams of outreach personnel or training different prospective members to become evangelist, spiritual directors, teachers, mentors etc. If he/she has the proper training, the license minister may also provide counseling services for substance abuse, marriage counseling, youth counseling etc.

        D) A license minister may work closely with the minister of education to provide continuing religious education. While he/she may not have any weekly teaching duties assigned for Sundays, the license minister may offer short-term classes for new members explaining the mission of the ministry. He/she might also teach special classes to specified age groups, such as youth, on a short-term basis. His/Her duties often include leading a number of prayer groups and Bible study sessions throughout the week, as well as coordinating the work of the family minister, youth minister and senior minister to provide a cohesive program for the entire program or outreach programs.

        E) License Minister are only required and able performed duties including Sunday Mass, Baptism, Prayer Group, and other duties that is required by  license ministers, but they can not perform wedding, funerals, or any legal performs including pastoral counseling, christian counseling etc. A license minister duties is to truly help administrative department with the assignments such as supervising programs, teams, outreach developments and support groups. It is truly a purpose and calling to be a strong mind, strong wisdom and clear heart to be effective in  ministry while they are obtain the wisdom to one day become a Ordained Minister, Church Leader, Pastor and/or Senior Chaplain and established their own church or ministry within the Kingdom of God.


Apostolic Measurement / Evangelist Commission
(Ordination Standards)


The most important prerequisite for ordination, the call of God to a specialized ministry, does not yield itself to particular standards which a denomination or local congregation might establish.  This is why the call must be tested by other prerequisites or standards, especially those having to do with licensing as first step toward ordination, meeting educational standards, and a prior call to a specific place of service in which the candidate intends to serve as an ordained minister.  In these three areas it is quite appropriate that the local and the wider church establish standards for ordination.


The candidate for ordination should be licensed by the church and/or ministry in which membership is held, in cooperation with the proper Association or Region at least six months prior to ordination.  This provides the opportunity and the impetus for the church, both on the local and the wider level, to be involved in preparations for the ordination as well as to be a part of the Ordination Council.  There are a variety of practices in the denomination which determine whether the Region or Association participates in the particular process of licensing as a first step to ordination.

A. Significance

1. A local church, well acquainted with the candidate, is making public the fact that the individual apparently possesses the ability and the spiritual and emotional qualities necessary for ministry, and that the academic training required for ordination is being received.

2. By receiving the candidate under their “watch-care,” a local church and the department of ministry are expected to give regular counsel in regard to vocation and professional training.  Such counseling should be performed by the Senior Bishop, Senior Pastor or Chairman of Board of Elders, appropriate board or committee of the church/ministry, or the department of ministry.

B. Procedure

1. The candidate makes known the desire to be ordained through providing application, face to face interview or phone/video call/conferences interviews with the appropriate council member where he or she is applying for ordinations.  The candidate then will be interviewed to determine eligibility for ordinations.

2. Upon the recommendation of the department and the affirmative actions of the board of elders, recognition for the candidate to be placed within the training process for ordination will be granted or denied.

C. Duration

It is made clear to the candidate that the fee's for ordination and training process must be paid in full before the end of his/her training session, in order to continue the method in granting anticipation of ordination and valid of good standing.

Learn More:

A Certified Christian Mentor or Christian Support Group Leader is a credential which is issued to Ordained persons who are called by God. Certified Christian Mentor or Christian Support Group Leader are not authorized to perform any sacerdotal services.


  • Meet the general requirements for general membership.
  • Be recommended to be a Christian Mentor or Christian Support Group Leader by your pastor or another pastor of an established congregation.
  • Be recommended to be a Supervisor or Trainer of Christian Mentoring Program or Support Group Program or ministry.
  • Other criteria as determined by the training programs, membership, and Ecclesiastical Endorsement Review Board.
1) Leadership role of a minister in local community and local body Church, should always be Christ-Like, expressing his role as a father, son, brother, friend, and leader, but also in being a recognized community leader for advocacy. (This would be particularly the case for those exercising incumbent responsibilities).
2) Enable the church/ministry to grow its vision for the outworking of mission and service in its context.
3) Inspire the church/ministry in the stages of outreach, evangelism, social justice, community advocacy, and human resource services.
4) Work with colleagues e.g. for an incumbent work with curates, assistant ministers, Prayer Warriors, Directors, Ministers of Programs, Ministers of ministries, etc. and to provide management and oversight for individuals and team as whole including training responsibilities; for those who are new in ministry work, license and commission ministers – to ensure that spiritual and mental work is support and collaboratively done, applying mentoring information, assistant, and  colleagues so that those who are new in ministry work can provide leadership where appropriate to specific context and responsibilities.
5) Be effective and productive in applying lesson, information, tutoring and mentoring those who are in training, study  programs and discussion groups.
6) Administration and organization – chairing meetings etc diary management/filing (This would be particularly the case for those exercising incumbent responsibilities) 
7) Participation in wider structures of church/ministry.
8) Engagement with ongoing professional & ministerial training, both one’s own and facilitating that of others 
Commitment to personal, spiritual and theological growth, development and reflective practice.

Our Committment:

"A.O.H Movement or  Agents of Hope"

The Spirit of God is moving in the hearts of our Christian Leaders, Pastors, Ministers, Mentors and Christian Counselors in order to truly to develop a strong and productive community, that will be effective in ministry of all kind. God has given us a vision to bring the good news of salvation to many across our nation through the work of new ministers, counselors, mentors and leaders in order to focus on reaching the lost and transforming their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are training and endorsing many young adults to fulfill the concept of Christian Leadership, Youth Pastor, Praise & Worship, Community Advocacy Minister, Pastoral Development, as well as Community Relations & Social Development Ministers so they to can truly step out in faith to serve not only the church/ministry but also the community and individuals. Many of young leaders truly understand that the most effective way to impact their community is to birth a new movement, a spiritual cause as well as encouraging others within their area starting from the community to families.

Christian Leaders and Christian Counselors within our ministry and fellowships are joining together to establish, develop, and maintain a creative method to help save lives from the destruction of sin, given them the teaching and the wisdom of Christ, while allowing the Holy Spirit transform them into a true light of God so others may also see and have the same opportunity to build a personal relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

"God is our Inspiration, Changing Lives is our Passion - For We Agents of Hope"


The apostle Paul spent almost two years in Corinth establishing the church and serving as its first senior pastor. The congregation grew spiritually, numerically and financially. God then directed Paul to move on to another area and after appointing his successor. As the years passed, great spiritual decline set in at Corinth. A letter was brought to Paul along with personal testimonies, informing him of Corinth=s problems and asking for directions in those matters. This letter is the response to those inquiries. One of the concerns at Corinth was the privileges and responsibilities of the senior minister. 9:1-15 addresses those privileges and verses 16-27 addresses his responsibilities.  Consider what the Holy Spirit said to the church at Corinth and realize that these sayings are equally applicable to us today.

Point 1 – He Must Preach the Gospel at All Times: Verses 16-18

1. He must glorify God and not himself – vs 16

2. He must preach the Word of God – vs 16

3. He must surrender his will to God’s will – vs 17

4. He must preach for souls and not personal gain – vs 18

5. He must be disciplined and accountable – vs 18

Point 2 – He Must Be a Servant to All People: Verses 19-23

1. He must serve with a sense of obligation – vs 19.

2. He must serve with compassion for all men-vs 20-22.

3. He must be versatile and growing in his skills – vs 20-22.

4. He must serve with God’s priorities – vs 23.


Visit our Ministerial Duties Information page: "Ministerial Duties"

Ethical success or failure can make or break a ministry and its leadership. With a desire for ministry as well as begin a unique leader we must make sound ethical decisions and to flourish, New Life C.O.M and A.C.T.S as well as its affiliate's developed the National Code of Ethics for Ministry and Ministers (N.C.E Platform) designed to provide a consistent code of ethics that crosses denominational lines.

To Know more about our N.C.E. Platform visit: N.C.E. Info