What are the requirements to become a member of NLCOM?

Your Pathway:

Truth of the matter, there is no requirements to become a member of the New Life C.O.M website, but what we do ask is that you understand the facts that this is a Christian Foundation, Faith Base platform and a Community of Christian Leaders, as well as Christian members who we fellowship with daily.

1. This for sure, to be a full fledged member is to register and begin communicate with others who are  a part of the platform.

2. The other information concerning membership is based upon your calling and decisions to what true development you are seeking to move forward in obtaining certifications, spiritual coverage, ministry or church charter program etc.

But as just being a man or women of God, and is a part of the ministry, all you have to do is be Christ Like and seek the goodness of the Lord.

Revised On July 19, 2018