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"Cultivating Christ-centered relationships between those inside and outside prison walls."

Join us as we continue to provide the true spiritual purpose to all those whom desire to know the Lord on a higher, greater and more unique path in life. For it is written, we shall reach out to those who are even in prison.  For more info:  NLPM

"We believe that wholeness and restoration can take place through Jesus Christ."

Our mission is to minister to all women of all denominations, in the hope that they are empowered and inspired to create loving Christian homes and to live Christ-centered abundant lives. For More Info: S.I.C. Ministry

We are truly men of God, we must unite, transform, rebuild and unite our brotherhood in order to help our sons, brothers, fathers etc.

Brother in Christ is a strong network of Christian men  whom desire is to help change the lives of others through inspiration, truth, mentoring, education, and love. who make themselves available to others worldwide who are in need of spiritual and emotional support, love, encouragement, prayer, building each other up in Christ, as well as just to have a good friend. For More Info:

Challenging students to think, love and pray more.

Souls on Fire 4 Christ Youth Ministry is here to provide a spiritual, educational, emotional and mental stages of transformation in order to see our youth develop strong information, spiritual encouragement to be better students, youth, family and more on a radically transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

To Learn more about SF4C Youth Ministry email: SF4C Youth Ministry