Faith On Fire Christian Resource Center

Faith On Fire Christian Resource Center. A dedicated Christian Network and Faith Base platform that connects the community with different resources, from Churches, Ministries, Outreach Programs, Christian Schools and Community Advocacy Programs.

Each organization is a step stone in helping those within the community, and building strong and productive members of society.  It is our goal to create excellent resources in order to be shared, inform, as well as providing a legitimate and authentic sources that will open up many doors for those who are seeking true answers for life and being able to know that they can also trust those who are here to help.

It is a known fact that many of our affiliates, programs and community connections are strongly involved in transformation stages of an individual, as well as providing Development of Socializing Techniques, Corrective Recapitulation of the Primary Family Groups, Existential Factors, which allows our clients, communities and individuals the concept of knowing that through working closely with others, they can more accurately view their own lives, choices, and responsibilities.

In the directions of establishing the platform “Faith on Fire Christian Resource Center”, New Life C.O.M and A.C.T.S took the time to visit, obtain information and communicate with each Church, Ministry, Christian Organizations and Community Programs that is now listed on the website.

The mission of Faith On Fire Christian Resource Center is to serve as a steward of God’s Wisdom, Biblical Sound Doctrine, Christian Media resources, Faith Base programs and services that strengthen and support not only our ministry, but also our community, our members, visitors.

The F.O.F. Recourse Center strives to be more than a collection of valuable information. But also become a gathering place, a training center, a reflection place, a listening center, a viewing center – a place of respite, renewal, and encouragement.

The F.O.F. Christian Resource Centers endeavors to:

1) Bolster faith for young believers through an abundance of light, popular Christian reading resources and biblical teaching.

2) By providing abundant christian education, seminary programs, ministerial training information and resources that address Christian character formation.

3) Provide encouraging, inspiring, motivating and creative internet radio platforms.

4) Provide topical areas of literature for lifestyle issues from a Christian perspective.

5) Provide current Bible study resources and reference books for adults, youths, students, teachers and leaders.

One may ask, how will you do all this, it sounds like it will take a lot of money? Not really, much of the financial support that will help continue our  purpose and allow Faith on Fire CRC move forward is the true fact that is a god given fact that we will and is able to accept any donations in the form of single items, collections, or money type gifts. Donations also comes in the form of volunteer work, internship programs, church programs, community programs etc. and also as an exception, we will accept online platforms that will allow us to built a educational platform, course work, material for biblical studies etc.

So you see it is not always about money, its about having the spirit of God within you and becoming a part of God’s vision for the ministry at hand.

But if need, information for monetary donations, in the form of a money order or checks must be addressed to New Life C.O.M with a notation that the money is designated for Faith On Fire CRC.

We know that God is only allow us to see part of his vision for this ministry, given us guidelines step by step, so we as members know the value of patients, love, and wisdom. It is important to know that in all that we do today, must be a sign and purpose for our families, our love ones and our community of tomorrow.


  1. Reverend Darren LaBrecque says

    Our counseling ministry is going great. Bro-Hun Recovery Outreach website is coming along. Heres link to check out. https://www.bro-hun-recovery-outreach.org/

    • Admin-NLCOM says

      In additions of New Life C.O.M and all its ministries affilates we are truly following the gifts of god and his purpose for each and everyone of us. It is a honor to be working with Bro Hun Recovery Outreach Ministry, as well as knowing that they are here to help others who truly desire to be better in life. Be Blessed my family.

    • New Life C.O.M says

      Praise God I know that in many ways it has been along ride, and we have been working to build a information and fellowship website. With the Christian Counseling programs as well as leadership development we are now reaching out to the mass, and I pray that many lives will be changed.

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