Welcome to New Life C.O.M Inc. and Christian Affiliate’s platform for donations. It is very important that we stand firmly together in order to build a solid and creative Christian Community, as well as build a movement in Christ to help change lives not just in our own community, but around the world.

The vision of New Life C.O.M has always been effective in developing  outreach programs, youth development programs, spiritual events, motivational and inspirational speaking engagements, gospel concerts, substance groups, and much more as we continue to live a life according to the will of God.

New Life C.O.M main 2 motto’s has been accepted by many Christian Leaders, Individual Pastors, Churches, Community Outreach, Community Advocacy Programs, as well as Christian Counseling & Pastoral Counseling. These 2 motto’s has been and shall continue to be our purpose within the Kingdom of God.

1) God is our Inspiration – Changing Lives is our Passion

2) New Life – Never eliminate wisdom,but always Live In Faith Everyday

It is important to us a non for profit organization and a biblical Christian platform that we do more then speak the truth, but live by it, share it, endorse it, fellowship, and praise with others, so they too can one day, grant someone the same wisdom that they have obtain by being a part of the foundation.

In order for us to continue our vision given by God, and always improve our method, we ask others as well as our members, leaders, and fellowship to donate to the purpose and the cause of our ministry. If it within your heart, please come forth and donate by clicking on the following programs below:

“Allow your heart and soul with the love of Christ lead you to donate so we can continue to spread the gospel around the world.”

It is written that each and everyone of the  kingdom of God, should have the heart and soul to come forth support their ministry that God has allowed them to be a strong part and partial of its growth. We pray that you will come forth and continuing to support the ministry by applying your tithes & offerings to New Life C.O.M Inc.

N.A.C.L Inc. is a ministerial and inspirational platform for the National Association of Christian Counseling & Leadership program and/or Accredited Ministry Development concept in counseling and support groups. NACL/AMD is the certification that allows our ministers to establish a strong network and connections with those who truly believe in the concept of biblical counseling within many fields, from marriage counseling, youth development counseling, pastoral counseling and substance abuse treatment counseling and support groups.

It is truly the vision to build a strong community in order to help those who are seeking better ways to live their life, overcoming struggles, obtaining information, understanding mental awareness, and developing a inspiring relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Your donation will continue to help others, as we continue to reach out to those who are truly seeking help. To donate please click here: NACL/AMD Inc.


Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-Hood (A.C.T.S. Inc.) is a strong foundation for biblical teaching, inspirational counseling, motivational development, ministerial concept and inspiring leadership within the degree of pastoral, evangelism, counseling, mentoring and much much more, all that is given by the love, mercy, and understanding throughout the teaching of the word of God.

Each student that has attended ACTS and establish a strong platform for ministering, has truly link back the love of God through the information provide as they continue to help others build and maintain a spiritual and positive relationship with God. Your donations will continue to allow us to teach others within a biblical & inspirational platform within the full body of Christ. To donate to please click: A.C.T.S Inc. 

Our Ministries – Our Mission is none other then the glory of serving the Lord through outreach ministries within New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry. Each of our programs and outreach ministries strives very hard to uplift those who come forth and seeking the truth. From the concept of “The Value of Being a man of God to Inspired Women of God to Youth Leadership Programs to New Life Prison Ministry program, also T.R.U. Support Groups”. With your support and help we can continue to grow and allow our goals, teaching, purpose, and support be truly accepted by many different churches, communities, organizations and community network.

Each one of these ministries is a core value within the New Life C.O.M Inc. and have lead the way for so many individuals to build a personal relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Why Stop Now!

With your help, we won’t stop, we continue to strive and teach others the very essences of God’s love and mercy. This is why your donation is so important, for without it, we may not be able to move forward, so we ask that you pray and allow God to place it on your heart to donate. You can start by clicking: Give From the Heart!

The word of God is not own by no one, it is a gift that is given unto us in order to live a life worth living by living according to the will of God and the love of Christ. We truly express our purpose as men and women of God, by moving forward in helping others, applying the gifts from God to change the lives of those who are seeking and needing the truth. From build strong programs, to establishing strong communities, we truly believe that a life can be saved.

It is not about how famous, well known, or even have big the church could be or is, it is about the love of God, and how to use that love to help others obtain that same joy as well. Our programs, ministries, and ministers has been blessed to be accept by so  many churches, communities and even state programs. We thank God for the wisdom and compassion he has given unto us, so we can pass it on to others as well.

Our success comes from being a part of your donations – our grow comes from being part of God’s house. We ask that you don’t just donate, why not come forth and join the movement, change a life, and see how amazing your life will change too.

God Bless You All! 

New Life C.O.M Inc.

Note: Our donation is private and secure, with connections of paypal, we provide a safe and protected way for our visitors, members, fellowship, etc. to be able to donate without the fear of any information being used with their permission. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Elders Council: elderscouncil@nlcom.org