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Tithing is a common practice among churchgoers and involves giving a portion of the person’s income to the church. This is an important means of support for many churches, and these organizations count on and encourage the practice of tithing. A tithe can count as a charitable donation provided the giver follows IRS rules for both giving and filing.
Here at NLCOM / ACTS we have 3 basic donations that allow supporters like yourself to continue to help us spread the gospel not just within our community but around the world without the worries of different support issues. We pray you shall continue to donate to our ministry, our vision and our purpose for the kingdom of God.

Tithing And Offering:

A tithe is a type of donation made to a church, usually on a regular and recurring basis. While there is no hard and fast rule about how large a tithe should be, 10 percent of a person’s gross income is common. Tithing is done weekly, monthly or annually, depending on a person’s situation and the preferences of the church. People may also tithe to other religious organizations, such as synagogues, mosques and temples.

Community Outreach Programs

Christian Counseling/ Discussion Groups for Youth and Adults

Ministry Programs

Donation Payment for Ordination, License and Commission

If you have been approved for ordination, license or commission certification, please click here to apply your donation fee's.

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