Alliances for Christian Training and Servant-hood

A.C.T.S is a non for profit, biblical platform and inspired Theological Seminary and Ministerial Training Program. ACTS was birth into life in June of 2016, by our brother in Christ and Founder Bishop Shae Waters. Bishop Waters was given this vision by God, to ensure that all those who truly desire to be effective in ministry as well as be a inspirational leader within their community.

Learning the way of Jesus is the centerpiece of our academic work at A.C.T.S Ministerial & Theological Seminary.  And learning that way requires deep attention to the biblical witnesses, to the theological heritage of those committed to understanding the work of God, to the varieties of cultures and contexts that comprise our 21st century world.

Attending to these things, however, is only the first step.  It is important to grant you the ability to listen, learn and lead by: 

         1. acquire wisdom in the intellectual and spiritual practices found in the Christian traditions;

         2. cultivate skill in the tasks of faithful leadership like preaching, caring, educating, administering;

        3. increase knowledge of the lives and experiences of others, particularly of those who are too often invisible or left out.

       4. develop a vocational identity that transforms and sustains you throughout your ministry, wherever and however that may be.

We place spiritual value within our community of learners, fellowship, and instructors, online-campus, in intense periods of encounter and study, and in measured weeks of disciplined reflection and conversation. We strive to include you not just as a student, but also as a member of fellowship and spiritual family, in the most vital conversations in service to vital communities which are dedicated to the public good.

The way of Jesus is broad and deep. We clearly understand that in a world swirling with change, leaders need to know not only how to do ministry but how to think about ministry in order that they can change and lead change. Graduate preparation for such ministry entails a complex combination of:

    1. content

    2. critical reflection skills

    3. imagination

   4. courage

   5. practice of the leadership skills

   6. denominational and ministerial formation

We consider many of these platforms as a faith base Life Coach and Spiritual Skills. A creative method to training those who have been called into ministry and leadership.

At Alliances for Christian Training and Servanthood (Theological Seminary, ministerial formation goes hand-in-hand with ecumenical theological education.) 

We could not fulfill our mission without strong Christian organizations, church partnerships, outreach ministries donations and sponsorship as well as inner spirit individuals. Dozens of congregations provide teaching and learning contexts for students. Particular partnerships developed with the following enable us to not only educate church leaders that are season with the love and wisdom of Christ, but also inspire those who are new in ministry and has accepted the call of leadership within the Kingdom of God. Knowing that both the mission and work of the ecumenical churches, outreach ministries, and Christian organizations as a movement to within the traditions and practices of their own denominations:

1) Christian Church (Disciples of Christ Ministry)

2) United Methodist Church or UME

3) United Church of Christ

4) Presbyterian Church 

5) Baptist Church and/or Baptist Fellowship Committee

6) Apostolic Church

7) Evangelical Church

8) Independent Church / Independent Outreach Ministries

In partnership with these denominations' ordination committees, New Life C.O.M and ACTS has identified formation directors. Each director is prepared to assist students regarding requirements for ordination, denominational history and polity, and denominational services and programs. Either by Church information and purpose or by individuals process and degree of ministerial training.

With much acknowledge and acceptances by different Churches, Christian Organizations and Outreach Ministries, it has allowed ACTS to be a effective Seminary and offer strong course's that provide a graduate-level school of theology, accredited and recognized by UACCCI "United Association of Christian Counseling and Chaplaincy International, National Association for Christian Leadership Movement, United Evangelical Seminary and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP), and the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

Our programs offer a wide range of courses from: Ministerial Certifications, Christian Counseling Certifications, Pastoral Counseling Certifications, Divinity, Degree in Ministry Development with numerous specialized concentrations and emphasis that will open door ways not only for your ministry but also for a life time career.

We are firmly rooted in Scripture and biblical faith, Christian Mentoring, and Development of Leadership and a God-honoring intensity that marks our pursuit of faith and compassion.

Our Book of Inspiration

A.C.T.S Mission and Vision:

A.C.T.S Seminary prepares men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture.
       Through our educational programs and mentoring process the seminary challenges students to grow spiritually, intellectually, and professionally in order to lead God’s people in the accomplishment of His mission in the world.

Our Vision:

We commit ourselves to being a school of biblical studies that is more widely recognized as a leading institution in evangelicalism. We commit ourselves to being a school of transformation that is impacting a broader spectrum of God’s  people with theological training.

We commit ourselves to being a school of  understanding that is committed to valuing and nurturing diversity in our community.

We commit ourselves to being a school of wisdom that is intentionally and regularly pursuing improvement and innovation in every area of operations.

We commit ourselves to being a school of motivation that is growing each year in all key institutional indicators.

We commit ourselves to being a school of inspiration that is attracting and retaining exceptional students, instructors, staff members and board members.

Through flexible of our online  campus with a blended delivery of full programs, students can stay in their jobs while earning a master of divinity, master of arts in leadership, or a graduate certificate in biblical and theological studies.

One of our main programs is: The  Certifications for Ordination & Pastoral Leadership (COPL) program  intended for people preparing for the ordained pastoral ministry in traditions as well as establishing a biblical insight which includes:

--Persons serving in church or para-church staff positions who desire leadership training in specific areas of their ministry along with course work in the basic disciplines of theological education.

--Lay people who is working toward a theological education for Pastoral Leadership or Christian Leadership Development and practical skill training in Christian ministries.

--Ordained ministers with who seek formal theological and practical ministry training to continue his goals, vision and purpose within the ministry and community.

What is the differences between Pastoral Leadership & Christian Leadership Development? The differences is one is for a individual who desire to build and maintain the direction of a Full Church and fellowship platform, while CLD is a program that provide additional training for those who desire to work in the field of Outreach, Christian Organizations, Evangelism and Motivational speaking.

Goals of the "COPL" Program

The goals  are to:

--Provide students with foundational knowledge at the graduate level in Old and New Testaments, Theology, Church History, and Ethics.

--Assist students through a concentration of elective courses and ministry supervision to develop their understanding of and skills in the practice of Christian ministry, either generally or within a particular area of emphasis.

--Foster the students’ ability to integrate theology and ministry practice within a intern or volunteer position.

--The Certification of ordination or leadership development is a practical ministry degree/certifications designed to provide excellent training for those called to various fields of Christian service. Students are encouraged to work with their Church Pastor or Leadership Committee within their ministry, as well as with their On Campus Mentor and Advisor to tailor the program to their specific goals.

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