Senior Pastor X. Estes

In the name of our Lord and Savior we present to you our brother in Christ:

“Overseer Pastor X. Estes”

Born on the south side of Chicago, Pastor Estes was raised within the body of Christ, learning at a young age about the love, mercy and wisdom of God, and how  to share the word of God as a young Christian youth and a inspired evangelist. God had truly open up the doors for Pastor Estes to continue the method of “Spiritual concept is a strong part of education process in life”.

Pastor X. Estes, begin to hear the calling of God deeper within him, but yet, not sure where to begin and how to stand firm within his faith, in order to lead others to the love of God. As he begin to grow, he begin to find himself, working harder each day within a structure of business and purpose as a mere man, finding himself lacking in attending church services, not sharing the word of God like he was called to do, and things seem to be difficult to handle in life, as well as losing sight of his future plans and vision that was bestowed upon him in a early age.

“Those was time, when I felt lost, confused, full of anger, fighting to keep my head above water, and trying to keep a positive outlook on life, family and friendship every single day, and it was getting harder each time I thought things was getting better instead it was getting worse. One night, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I felt as if I had to no one to talk to. But I tell you when God is in mist of it all, nothing is to hard to handle. I prayed deeply that night, stressing to my father, how I can’t do it without him, how I need him to show me what he desired out of me, what is it, that I should be doing and focused upon, instead of feeling as if I am hiding from reality and truth. 

     That was the night God spoke through the smooth and inspirational voice of my wife, given me the strength, wisdom, love and faith to actually understand that God has always been my side, I was just to blind to see him there. Since that night, I have been doing nothing lesser then truly sharing the word of God, teaching the word of God, inspiring others about the word of God, and developing a unique ministry by the word of God, within the Kingdom of God. I know he is real, for I am a Living, Walking, Talking example of a unique and creative testimony to what God has for you, if you truly say yes to his will, no to sin.” Quote by: Overseer Senior Pastor X. Estes


Spiritual Journey

Overseer Senior Pastor Estes spiritual journey begins the day he truly said yes to the Lord, with that inspirational transformation and hearing the voice of the Lord within his heart, he was able too obtain the skills and wisdom to move forward in establishing the foundation of Compassion Word Ministries under spiritual charter and covering of New Life C.O.M.

Senior Pastor Estes and the love and wisdom of his wife: “Prophetess and 1st Lady Evangelist M. Estes” has established a strong and productive ministry called: “Compassion Word Ministries”. The name speak volume of the love and mercy of God.

Pastor Estes, also present the wisdom and knowledge within the field business management, pastoral counseling, ministry development, community advocacy and life coaching skills.skills and education stream from: Business Management, Pastoral Counseling, Ministry development, Life Coaching Skills.

Pastor Estes is a loving father, husband, son, brother, friend and fellowship with others within the body of Christ and within his community.

Pastor Estes continues to  share the word of God with others, as well as being a motivational speaker for many programs and ministries. If you desire to know more about Compassion Word Ministries in Chicago IL. or would like to contact Overseer Senior Pastor Estes, you can email him at:


Seal of Christian Leadership & Ministerial Foundation


               Seal of Ordination – 2009  Seal of Minister in Good Standing   Seal of NACL – 2017