Reverend Darren LaBrecque


Drawing closer to the vision and purpose God has placed upon his heart and soul in order to open up the eyes of many, who just can’t seem to understand that we serve a God that is merciful, understanding, compassionate, truthful, uplifting and more importantly ” Full of Grace”.

By the grace and wisdom of our Lord and Savior, we here at New Life C.O.M in association with Bro Hun Ministries (New Life C.O.M Inspirational Charter Certification), we present to you our brother in Christ and servant.

“Reverend Darren Labrecque”

Its has been a value of Reverend Labrecque to find solutions, platforms and studies that will help others who are in Christian Leadership, Christian Counseling or Pastoral Counseling to be strong and effective in understanding the illness of depression, drug addictions, mental awareness etc. With this information many pastor can truly help those who are in need of counseling or social services, without have a fear of doubt or misleading others.

There are many churches in the world today that is either afraid, lost, confused, or mislead when it comes to helping individuals who may have some form of addiction, depression, anger, and the lack of understanding & purpose in their life. The church has always been the Spiritual Hospital for those who are sick and weary, and what to live a better life. The church is always open for those who are homeless, community services, food drive, elderly concern, youth development programs, and even men and women biblical class’s and discussion group.

But you never see a program or a strong support group that is built upon the compassion and strength to help those who are dealing with addictions, mental awareness, depression etc. These issues are still part of the method in helping others to know Christ, to Love God, and to learn how to deal with life by accepting the truth, and allowing the Holy Spirit direct you to a better platform. Quote by: Reverend Labrecque

Reverend Labrecque has been working and mentoring those who are dealing with mental stages, depression, and heartship that continues to bring them down, and making them afraid to trust God. Granting them the opportunity in understanding their mental state and conditions, while allowing their spirit to truly build a relationship with God.

He is the founder of Bro-Hun Ministry, a ministry that strive to help others understand the conditions of mental health, as well as granting those who are mentally off balance, so the value of building that personal relationship with the Father, the Son and  the Holy Spirit.

Reverend Labrecque has been in ministry over 8 years, providing the church with the opportunity to train ministers to be effective within the group of mental awareness as well as mentoring others to do the same. He is also a strong spokesmen for Mental Awareness platform and Pastoral Direction for Counseling. He is also one of the main instructors of A.C.T.S Spiritual education platform.

If you desire to know more about Bro-Hun Ministries or Reverend Labrecque you can reach him by email: