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A word from our Senior Bishop

Resurrection  on life! John 20:1-9 Three key lessons follow from the disquieting fact of the Resurrection. First, this world is not all there is. The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead shows as definitively as possible that God is up to something greater than we had imagined. We don’t have...

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Faith On Fire Christian Resource Center

Faith On Fire Christian Resource Center. A dedicated Christian Network and Faith Base platform that connects the community with different resources, from Churches, Ministries, Outreach Programs, Christian Schools and Community Advocacy Programs. Each organization is a step stone in helping those within the community, and building strong and productive members...

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Who are we in Christ?

“Have you ever ask yourself that question, wondering why God called you into ministry, trying to figure out what type of ministry he desire for you to build? If you have, don’t worry, join the group. For wondering leads to asking and asking leads to following, and following leads to...

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